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NewCell Detox Professional Ion Cell Cleanse System
NewCell Detox Professional Ion Cell Cleanse System

List Price: $1,095.00
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Sale Price: $995.00
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The NewCell Detox is a Commercial Grade and Powerful Ion Foot Detox Bath that includes the electronic detoxifying unit, 2 arrays, a wrist strap, the foot bath container, 5 liner bags, and a 2 year warranty. The NewCell foot detox spa treatment is a safe, straightforward treatment that involves immersing one's feet into a bowl filled with water in order to detoxify the body.  Our machines use advanced technology and microprocessors that are Made in the USA.

While immersing your feet in the water, a series of timed positive and negative ions that the system emits, invigorates, re- conditions and synchronizes the body's natural ionic flow. The result is that your body can detox safely at it's own pace. This detoxification happens mainly after the treatment and is likely to take place via the organs of detoxification i.e. Your kidneys, liver and skin. The best results are achieved by running a 30 minute ion foot detox program. There is no discomfort during the treatment and the entire process takes 30 minutes. The process is very safe but it is not recommended for pregnant women, anyone with a pacemaker or people with organ transplants. You will be astounded and curious as the water changes from a clear to lightly colored shade, then to darker shades. The color change will often be different from person to person and ion detox bath session to ion detox bath session.
  • Via the Detox Unit, water is broken down into lots of energy ions (namely positive and negative ions). These active energy ions penetrate into human body via capillary bore and cell membrane and thus supply the body with negative ions. After a complex biochemical reaction, the positive and negative ions in the body release more energy and increase the vigor of the cells . The detoxification process also improves the metabolic function of the organs in body, and expedites the metabolism. In 30 minutes, toxins and wastes, such as aged cells that are accumulated in the body, will be expelled quickly and safely and the body will gradually start to heal itself. The different colors of the toxins expelled from the body will help you uncover your bodies health status.

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